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Buy Low/Sell High Candidates

By Chad Engel

After three weeks of baseball, no doubt some of you are itching to tweak your teams. I’ve compiled a list of players who, based on their hot or cold starts and associated Yahoo ranks, might be worth more or less than they normally should. When you send the trade offers for the players who’ve started cold, point out Yahoo’s ranking. You can do the same when sending out offers that include Eric Byrnes, who is currently ranked seventh overall on Yahoo. Here are some other players who have rankings you may be able to use:

Buy Low:

Kenji Johjima, Sea
Though hitting .368, Johjima finds himself as the 17th ranked catcher due to a lack of HRs and run production. Expect those hits to start producing runs.
Victor Martinez, Cle
Early injuries have slowed him down, but V-Mart will still be a top five catcher at seasons’ end.

Sell High:
John Buck, KC
Career .249 hitter now batting .375 and the eighth ranked catcher as of today.
Ramon Castro, NYN
Currently ranked as the 8th best catcher even though he only has 17 ABs. The only reason you’d have him is if you’re in very a deep league. If that’s the case, offer him around and see if someone will take him off your hands.

First Base
Buy Low:

Lance Berkman, Hou
Berkman is a career .303 hitter who is currently batting .207 with 1 home run. Currently rated as the 30th best 1B on Yahoo.
Paul Konerko, ChA
Mr. Consistent is currently batting .175 with only one home run to his name. Currently rated 47th for 1B on Yahoo.
Adam LaRoche, Pit
I am one of those guys who doesn’t think last year was a fluke. I would still bet money that LaRoche hits 30 bombs this year (and he’s likely to pick the BA up above .105 too). Currently rated 696 overall on Yahoo.

Sell High:
Ty Wigginton, TB
Wigginton is not a bad guy to have around, don’t get me wrong, but when Yahoo has him rated as the eighth best 1B, it’s time to shop him.
Shawn Green, NYN
Green might be a useful bench player for your bench. However, being as how he’s ranked number 39 overall, if you can use him to upgrade elsewhere, now is the time to do it.

Second Base
Buy Low:

Brian Roberts, Bal
Currently batting .212, though he does have 6 SB. Ranked as 23rd best 2B on Yahoo.
Josh Barfield, Cle
Slow start, and remember Cleveland had some games postponed. Ranked as the 45th best 2B on Yahoo.

Sell High:
Orlando Hudson, Ari
Ranked 19th overall on Yahoo. Not a bad option at 2B, but his value won’t get any higher.
Aaron Hill, Tor
He’ll hit for good average and decent runs, but that in no way warrants his 73rd overall ranking.

Third Base
Buy Low:

Scott Rolen, Stl
That .268 average doesn’t tell me Rolen is healthy and back, but the entire St. Louis offense has been struggling. Rolen is definitely better than his 19th overall ranking for third basemen.
Ryan Zimmerman, Was
Washington can’t be that bad, can they? Well maybe, but we know Zimmerman isn’t as bad as his early numbers show. Yahoo has him as the 26th best 3B. Try to buy him low.

Sell High:
Melvin Mora, Bal
Yahoo has him as the 4th best 3B in the game right now. This isn’t 2005. Expect those numbers to drop. Sell high while you can.
B.J. Upton, TB
Though Upton has a lot of upside, he won’t be any higher than the 5th rated 3B on Yahoo this season. Time to move him if you can get good return.

Buy Low:

Miguel Tejada, Bal
Currently rated as the 11th best SS on Yahoo, but you may be able to get him cheaper as he hasn’t shown much power. He went in round three of a lot of drafts, so you won’t be able to get him too low, but now would probably be the best time of the season to grab him.
Rafael Furcal, LA
Injuries knock him down to the buy low spot. That and his 37th overall SS ranking.

Sell High:
Aaron Hill, Tor
See above.
Juan Uribe, ChA
Who knows if/when he’ll be called back for legal problems, he hit .235 last year and is currently rated as the 13th best SS on Yahoo.

Buy Low:

Manny Ramirez, Bos
The guy always starts slow. You and I both know that. Does that mean he deserves his 62nd overall outfielder ranking on Yahoo? Nope.
Lance Berkman, Hou
Ranked as the 73rd best OF on Yahoo. Wow. Enough said.
Gary Sheffield, Det
Found at number 116 in the OF rankings. Come on now, he’s not that old.

Sell High:
Eric Byrnes, Ari
The guy isn’t horrible, but he’s definitely not the 7th best player in Yahoo.
Adam Dunn, Cin
Dunn puts up great power numbers if you can stomach the average. He’s currently rated as the 28th best player in all of Yahoo fantasy baseball. His value won’t be any higher all year.
Luis Gonzalez, LA
Undrafted in many leagues, he’s now ranked 38th overall in all of Yahoo fantasy baseball. See what you can get for him.

Starting Pitchers
Buy Low:

Carlos Zambrano, ChN
Big Z may be thinking too much about that new contract and not enough on pitching. The self-proclaimed future NL Cy Young winner is currently rated at number 1072 on Yahoo.
Brandon Webb, Ari
The current Cy Young winner is off to a rocky start, though he showed signs of life last turn. So rocky, in fact, that it has landed him a spot at number 715 in the Yahoo ranks. At least he’s still rated higher than Zambrano.
Brett Myers, Phi
An 8.35 ERA and 1.58 WHIP? And now a move to the bullpen? You know that Myers will be back. He’s rated number 1059 in Yahoo right now. His value won’t be any lower this year.

Sell High:
Tim Hudson, Atl
I like Hudson, but this isn’t 2003 and Hudson isn’t the 2nd best pitcher/9th best player overall in Yahoo.
Ramon Ortiz, Min
Ranked as the 10th best starting pitcher and 63rd best player on Yahoo? I don’t think so either. 1.5 WHIP the last two seasons will show up sooner rather than later.

Buy Low:

Bobby Jenks, ChA
Everyone talks about his control problems along with MacDougal and Aardsma, but the talk of losing the closer role hasn’t hurt Jenks in the past. Currently, Jenks is rated the 18th best RP. He’ll be better than that.
J.J. Putz, Sea
Early elbow problems scared a lot of people away from Putz. He has no saves yet, but has a .75 WHIP and is getting one strikeout per inning. He’s ranked the 93rd best RP on Yahoo right now. Get him.

Sell High:
Jose Valverde, Ari
I’m not saying he can’t do it, but when your WHIP is .40 points higher than your ERA, you know that ERA is going to eventually balance itself out. Overlook the seven early saves.
David Weathers, Cin
Death, taxes, and the Reds starting off hot every year. Danny Graves anyone? Five saves and looking good now, but the Reds should crash some time here in May. Get rid of him now while he’s still ranked ahead of Joe Nathan and Mariano Rivera.

Editor’s Note: Due to the ever-changing fantasy landscape, the time lapse between submission and publication necessitated certain changes to this article. For instance, Michael Barrett and Travis Hafner were removed from the Buy Low lists and Paul Bako and Mike Jacobs were removed from the Sell High lists. Hopefully, the players that are still mentioned will work out in the same manner. Good luck!

Chad started playing fantasy baseball ten years ago and never stopped. He enjoys the challenge and excitement that fantasy baseball brings, and you can find him in the Cafe forums where he posts as chadlincoln.
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