News, Analysis & UpdatesAugust 15, 2005

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Notes and Numbers: August 15

By David Marver

The Rockies call the best hitters’ park in the majors home, but could finish the season without a single player in their lineup cracking the 20 home run mark. Scott Podsednik is the premier base-stealer in the bigs, yet he could finish the season without a single triple. Truly, baseball is a funny game…

Power Outage
The Colorado Rockies have had a 25-HR player every season of the franchise’s existence. Right now, the Rockies’ top two active sluggers combine for 25 homeruns (Dustan Mohr 13, Todd Helton 12).

Catch Dutch? No Way. Catch Cy? Possibly…
As amazing as Roger Clemens has been this year, he would need to pitch 71 consecutive shutout innings to set the all-time single-season ERA record (minimum of 162 innings). In 1914, at the ripe age of 22, Dutch Leonard posted a 0.961 ERA in 224.2 innings. The record for a 40+ year-old is 1.264 by Cy Young in 1908. If The Rocket pitches seven shutout innings in his next start, his ERA would shrink to 1.263.

Winning Isn’t Everything
Of the sixteen pitchers who have more wins than Roger Clemens, only three have an ERA less than twice Roger’s mark.

Against the Law
Clemens won’t hear any sympathy about missed win opportunities from Ryan Franklin, however. After having the worst run support in the major leagues last season, Franklin has had the third-worst run support in baseball this season. And it isn’t as if he can help himself out, either; he plays in the American League. The law of averages has to come true at some point, doesn’t it?

Not That Roto Owners Will Hold It Against Him…
If the season ended today, Scott Podsednik would be the first stolen base champion to not record a triple in the same season. In case you were wondering, the record for most stolen bases in a season without a triple is 45 by Rickey Henderson in 1997. Podsednik has swiped 54 this season.

Young Gun
If Jake Peavy (24) holds onto the National League strikeouts lead, he’d be the youngest winner since Dwight Gooden struck out 268 for the 1985 Mets.

Maybe Rick Ankiel Isn’t the One They Should Convert to a Hitter
According to the Hardball Times, Jason Marquis has contributed more to winning with his bat than NL shortstops Jack Wilson, Cristian Guzman, Nomar Garciaparra, Neifi Perez, JJ Hardy, Alex Cintron, and Cesar Izturis … combined.

Can I Have a Raise?
Alex Rodriguez leads Morgan Ensberg in home runs by only three, RBI by just seven, walks by two, and SLG% by .003. That doesn’t look like a $25,550,000 difference to me.

These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking
Ivan Rodriguez has been issued a free pass only six times this entire season in 392 plate appearances. To put this into perspective: Barry Bonds had more walks against 14 different teams last season than Pudge has had against all teams this season combined.

Take Your Time
Only seven (23%) of the pitchers who rank in the top thirty for pitches per plate appearance have losing records.

Conflict of Opinion
Omar Vizquel currently ranks 20th this season in fielding win shares among major league shortstops. The problem: he ranks first in fielding percentage among major league shortstops. What to believe?

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