HumorAugust 23, 2005

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Top Ten Reasons Your Fantasy Team is in Last Place

By Paul Worstell

OK, so my first year of experience in H2H hasn’t gone as I had hoped. I will say, though, that even though I am in last place (compared with first place in my points league), I have stayed very active all year and have actually had fun with it. So for those of you joining me in last place in your leagues, here is a list of how and maybe why you got there.

10. Your dog ate your modem or cable wire so you were unable to access your team for a week and missed out on important waiver wire claims.

9. Someone offered you Raul Ibanez for Mariano Rivera and Vladimir Guerrero and instead of clicking the “what the heck are you thinking” button, you accidentally clicked “accept.”

8. You sent PMs to Arlo, Madison and other Cafe mods for advice on your team and then found out they were secretly in your league. (Not that this happened to me, thank goodness.)

7. You drafted more than two Royals on your team.

6. You actually thought it was Major League Baseball on strike rather than the NHL.

5. You actually thought this was the year Kerry Wood would break out and win the Cy Young.

4. You actually thought Corey Patterson was a steal in the 6th round. (Sorry, Cubs Fans.)

3. You hit more than the Cafe.

2. You let other family members have control of the remote during Baseball Tonight.

1. And the number one reason your team is in last place … You bought a draft kit and in-season tools from Brandon Funston.

Paul Worstell, known to Cafe regulars as prodpaul, roots for the Kansas City Royals, no strangers to last place themselves…

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