OpinionDecember 1, 2003

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I Give Thanks

By Devin King

At this time of year we give thanks. We give thoughts. We give ideas. We give the world ourselves.

Always be thankful for the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the people you are surrounded by. Always help those who cannot help themselves. At my church a program is put into place in which Christmas presents are bought for underprivileged children in Newark. Jahkee, a six-year-old, will be getting a fireman action figure this Dec. 25.

Thank you all, and may you all prosper in life.

1. I give thanks for Fantasy Baseball Cafe, which has triggered more thoughts in my mind about baseball and gotten me into the sport more than ever before. Without it, I would never have been in the place I am today, in a wonderful state of mind.

2. I give thanks for Mark Prior, who has been gifted with a limitlessly talented arm. May you continue to be blessed with the knowledge and skill you have.

3. I give thanks for Jose Reyes, one of the most talented men in the world at his profession. May you continue to dazzle all on the field.

4. I give thanks for Kevin Garnett, the most talented athletic specimen of any sport or in any game. May your gift continue to help you along your life.

5. I give thanks for my family and friends, without whom I would not be able to survive. May you continue to be blessed in your environment.

6. I give thanks for women, who somehow every year seem to put up with us at spring training. May you live long and prosper at whatever you do.

7. I give thanks for Alonzo Mourning, who at 6-10 can be so powerful on the outside yet struggle to survive. May you be blessed with a kidney donor and live out your full life.

8. I give thanks for Josh Beckett, who out of nowhere pitched the best World Series game since Jack Morris and silenced the Yankees with a performance that could not have been more masterful. May your arm and body continue to guide you through your career and to the Hall of Fame.

9. I give thanks for Jack McKeon, who at his humble age guided a seemingly lost baseball team to the World Series and back again. May you be able to get there many times again.

10. I give thanks for the Mets, who are and always will be my team, through prosperous times and crestfallen times. May you pull through and dominate in the clutch.

Devin King is a regular in the Cafe Forums and an avid Mets fan. He is currently engaged in a lively debate to determine the greatest shortstop of all time. His answer? None other than Alex Rodriguez.

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