HumorMarch 1, 2004

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How Much is $67 Million?

By Arlo Vander

Under the terms of the trade that sent Alex Rodriguez to New York, Rangers owner Tom Hicks will continue to pay an average of just over six million dollars of A-Rod’s salary each year over the next seven season. Add that to the $24 million in deferred money that Hicks will be shelling out, and the total comes out to a cool $67 million.

Clearly, Texas had to find some way to escape from Rodriguez’ astronomical contract (although finding a way to remove Chan Ho Park’s salary from the books might have made even more sense), but that’s a lot of money to be paying a player who’ll be spending the foreseeable future hitting home runs for a league rival. I couldn’t help wondering what else Hicks could have bought for that sum.

$67 million = …

2 times the expected payroll of the Milwaukee Brewers (Projected at $30 million in 2004)

Superagent Scott Boras’ fee for 5 more A-Rod caliber contracts (Estimated at $12.5 million)

6+ Seasons of Ivan Rodriguez (Signed by Detroit to a four-year, $40 million contract this off-season. Think Rangers fans would mind seeing I-Rod return to Arlington?)

Stadium naming rights for 29 years (Based on the $57.5 million, 25-year deal between Citizens Bank and the Philadelphia Phillies)

61 T-206 Honus Wagner tobacco cards (Sold at auction for $1.1 million. Wagner’s highest salary as a ballplayer was $10,000.)

628 Infamous Bartman balls, pyrotechnical destruction not included (Sold at auction for $106,600)

Tickets for 1243 people to see A-Rod play in each of his Yankee Stadium home games for the next seven years (Great seats, too: $95 per field championship ticket.)

9571 World Series rings (Estimated value of Florida’s 1997 rings: $7000 each)

610,923 Alex Rodriguez autographs (1994 Classic Autograph card, sold on eBay for $109.67)

That’s a lot of money!

Arlo Vander could think of quite a few things he’d like to do with $67 million.

Have a better way to spend $67 million? Let us know!

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