HumorJanuary 28, 2004

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It’s Almost Baseball Season
Top Ten Ways You Know...

By Paul Worstell

1. Cafe membership grows by 300%.

2. Mods have trouble keeping up with posts.

3. Mock draft threads outnumber the stars in the sky.

4. The spouses of fantasy owners start planning a six-month get-together starting February 15th (or whenever Yahoo opens up).

5. You start dreaming of the postseason … and you’re a Royals fan!

6. You stop EVERYTHING you’re doing if you hear the Baseball Tonight music.

7. When Baseball Tonight does make a rare appearances before spring training, Cafe members rip it for not being up to season standards.

8. You have a project at work due by Friday, but the only thing consuming your mind is whether or not you should keep Sheffield or Thome.

9. Your spouse starts questioning your “fantasy” magazine purchases.

10. I have a question: “Does anyone know when Yahoo starts?”

Paul Worstell is a fantasy baseball veteran of over nine years. He has two league championships to his credit and will be playing in his first 5×5 league this season (pray for his wife’s sanity). Paul is an avid Royals fan from Kansas City (and finally proud of it) and also enjoys following the Braves (thank you TBS).

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