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2014 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

(by R.J. White)

Below, you’ll find my 2014 fantasy baseball rankings as of early March. Players will shift in value up until and through opening day, and I’ll keep updating these rankings into March. [More] - 18 comments

Breaking Down the Orioles Bullpen

(by Matthew Robertson)

I’ve been getting some questions on a few closer battles as pitchers and catchers are beginning to report to spring training. So, the first team I want to look at is the Baltimore Orioles. A recent article from stated that they fully expect Hunter to be the Orioles closer. Of course, this comes after the organization stated multiple times this fall that they would look outside to acquire a closer. This sentiment seemed to change after failing to sign Grant Balfour as their closer. [More] - 1 comments

Sleeper Watch

(by brentameyer)

Raise your hand if you love drafting a second catcher. Yeah, I doubt there was many hands up there. It’s like going to a old relatives house when you’re young. “Mom, do we have to? I will be good the rest of the day and even clean my room!” [More] - 2 comments

How and Why You Need To Use xFIP
Let's imagine for a second Albert Einstein played fantasy baseball. In this imaginary fantasy world, sabermetrics would have been invented 60 years before it actually was. So his a... [More]

Must Know Strategy for Leagues Who Keep MiLB Players
So here we go again into the seemingly never ending fantasy baseball offseason. Thank God for winter leagues, even though to me these seem like O'Doul's when all you want is a good... [More]

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Weekend Waiver Wire, Week 23
As I write this, England are about to kick off their World Cup Qualifying game against Moldova. Every time the national team plays, it brings up the age-old debate of "club vs. cou... [More]

Weekend Waiver Wire, Week 22
This is it, folks. We're down to the wire now. One month of the season to go, and this is where it counts. So if you're still hanging onto the likes of B.J. Upton (and I know some ... [More]
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